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Structured Cabling Systems

Today more and more devices are using your network. “Convergence” is the big buzz word these days. Everything from your most powerful servers, your HVAC controls, video surveillance cameras, to the cash register in your company cafeteria could all be on the same network.

As a matter of fact, your company's structured cabling systems for voice, data, and video is like its central nervous system. If it is not functioning well, your company is not functioning well.

No matter how fast and powerful your computer equipment may be, if your cabling system is not of the highest quality and properly installed, you're going to have problems.

We, as FEC-ATG members, offer the best structured cabling systems in the world! The FEC-ATG members have aligned themselves with the industry's leading manufactures to insure the highest quality products for state of the art installations.

All of the FEC-ATG members are members of BICSI and all of our installers are BICSI trained.

Whether it is a simple pots line or a new LAN capable of 10gig Ethernet, we have the solution and the ability to service you!

Contact us for a quotation or just to discuss your requirements.

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