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Security & Access Control

Who? When? Where? We provide access control systems to any type of building environment to help you protect against unauthorized entry into secure areas. Once installed our systems determine who can go where and when they can go there.

We also provide systems for employee identification such as photo badging and biometric scanning. If you need to track valuable portable assets we also offer software and hardware solutions that ensure that your valuable equipment leaves your facility with the right person and not the pizza delivery guy.

We develop and utilize the latest state of the art technologies to secure your buildings, assets, and the employees that work there. We are dedicated to securing your world.

Our experience includes securing facilities against unauthorized entry on military bases, college campuses, in hospitals, and in the private sector.

Retail and support services are as close as your local FEC contractor. Our dealer network is comprised of professional security companies with a strong security presence in their markets

This distributed local support means that you can expect personal attention during the design and implementation stages as well as continued support after your system is installed. We are able to provide our customers with the products that create the right solutions.

Contact us for a quotation or just to discuss your requirements.

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